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Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that combined by “glass+PVB (or EVA)+glass” structure, or more layers up to design, to form a sandwich combination with higher strength and no glass fragments or sharp glass pieces shattering when broken.

SSG Laminated glass is mostly used in balustrade, exterior storefronts, curtain walls, windows, stairs, and skylight, etc., where high mechanical strength and shattering proof is required. Laminated glass is also used for UV protection and sound stop applications.

Thickness and Specifications
Thickness & Structure: 6.38 (3.3.1), 8.38 (4.4.1), 10.38 (5.5.1), 12.38 (6.6.1);
6.76 (3.3.2), 8.76 (4.4.2), 10.76 (5.5.2), 12.76 (6.6.2)…
Other thickness & structures available to order.

Standard Size:
1830x2440, 2140 x 3300, 2250 x 3300, 2440 x 3660 …
 custom sizes available up to request.

Clear, milky, pearl white, Ford Blue, dark blue, dark green,
French green, Euro grey, dark grey, bronze, etc. 

Glass Types & Structures:
Clear+Clear; Clear+Tinted; Low Iron + Low Iron;
Float+Patterned; Patterned+Patterned; Float+Mirror;
Patterned+Mirror; Tempered+Tempered… 
Special designs up to request.


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