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Satin glass is a special kind of decorative glass that made by chemical treatments with or without pattern etching on the surface of glass. Mostly satin glass is used for stopping viewing by its transparency surface in highly even and smooth satin finish quality. Special patterned satin glass is perfect for both interior and exterior decorative applications. Architecture and construction, like in houses, restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings, etc. 

Thickness and Specifications
Thickness: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15
Size: 1650x2140, 1830x2440,2134x3300, 2440x3660
         Custom sizes available.

 SSG Satin Glass Types:
● One side plain Satin (PS1)
● Both sides plain Satin (PS2)
● One side Textured Satin (TS1)
● Both sides Textured Satin (TS2)
● Extra Clear Satin for the above (XPS1, XPS2, XTS1, XTS2)
● Tinted Satin for the above (bronze, gray, green, etc)

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