With advanced producing technologies, professional processing equipment and efficient management concepts, Shandong Shinergy Glass (SSG) produces all series of 
high-transmittance Solar Glass  by ARC technologies on Clear, Prismatic and Diffused designs.
SSG products are widely used as 
Greenhouse glass roofs and walls,
Solar Collector glass and 
PV Module cover/back glass, etc.

SSG mainly aims at supplying the professional solutions to distinguished clients on high-quality
Polished Wired glass,
Tempered glass,
Laminated glass,
Mirror glass,
Satin glass,
Screen Printing glass,
Reflective glass and
Float glass as well.

SSG persists our operating and marketing principle of QCDS (Quality, Costing, Deadline, Safety and Service) and is supplying our products and service in more than 50 countries and areas all over the world. With our professional processing facilities, full experience, scientific management and all chain resources, SSG is the best partner to supply the optimum architectural glass for both of your commercial buildings and residential buildings/applications.
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